The AEC Industry being quite vast, needs to be more organized to a greater extent. In this era of digitization, the construction industry can leverage the benefit of BIM to streamline the planning, design, Construction, and maintenance of the build projects. Not only the new projects but even the older build projects which require renovations and remodeling can be streamlined by introducing Scan to BIM technique as your next step. This will smoothen the construction workflow by eliminating the lengthy build processes, shorten the timelines by reducing the site visits and prevent cost overruns. These are just a few benefits of Scan to BIM, and there is more to the list. But before getting into the details about the benefits, let’s learn a bit about the Scan to BIM, its conversion process, and its application.

What is Scan-to-BIM?

Scan to BIM is a process that uses a laser scanner to capture the images or scan the real environment conditions of a built structure in terms of point clouds and convert it into an accurate data-rich 3D BIM model that can be useful in Construction. This is also termed Point Cloud to BIM Services

How Scan-to-BIM Conversion Takes Place?

  • Capture the data in the form of multiple scans and images with the help of laser scanners.
  • Examine and process the scanned data or the point clouds.
  • Feed the scanned data into software like Revit for converting it to a 3D model. 
  • Check for the quality of the data and make changes if required.
  • Get the final 3D modeled output for Construction.

Scan to BIM overcomes various challenges of restoration projects and holds multiple applications in the construction world. Let’s peek into the challenges first, followed by the applications.

Key Challenges Faced While Restoration 

  • Lack of documentation, blueprints, drawings, or project designs of the existing Construction
  • Inability to reach out to the congested area of the existing properties
  • Lack of project visualization 
  • Inaccurate asset maintenance
  • Lengthy processes of site visits for even small details


Applications Scan to BIM Services

 1) Renovation, Refurbishment, and Remodelling

 2) Fit-out and Repair works 

 3) Visualization of Structural Components and Connections.

4) Design Verifications and Evaluations

5) Clash detection and Coordination

6) Quantity Take-offs and Budget Estimations

7) Creating As-built Models


Scan to BIM provides accurate modeling for efficient renovations and remodeling with a detailed digital representation of the existing structure. It enables the team to quantify and analyze the spatial parameters in 3D. Scan to BIM services allows various advantages for AEC professionals and the construction industry.


Advantages of Scan to BIM

 1) Capture and Collect the As-is conditions of the site that is accurate and precise for creating a highly accurate and reliable 3D digital representation of the site.

2) Eliminate human error as technology takes care of all the processes.

3) Fasten the data collection using high-performance laser scanners and quick information sharing.

4) Accurate space, demolition, and topography analysis.

5) Accurate documentation for easy and faster reconstruction.

6) Augment missing design data.

7) No more recurrent site visits.

8) Streamline the workflows, reduce clashes, and improve project quality.

9) Enhanced 360 visualization, renderings, and animations.

10) Quality site inspection through scanners.

11) Quick site analysis, structural load calculations, and decision-making.

12) Appropriate asset identification for maintenance and assessment

13) High level of transparency, communication clarity, and project collaboration.

14) Enhanced sustainability and operations.

15) Increased site safety and monitoring; there is less manual surveying. The major surveying and inspection are done using scanners and drones.

16) Accurate Resource, Costs, and Time Projections.

17) Virtual Installation and Assembling.


Scan to BIM is a Game-Changer 

With the set of benefits listed above, Scan to BIM is changing the coerce of the construction industry. It eliminates the guesswork while reconstruction, speeding the pace of remodeling and restructuring any project, irrespective of the complexity involved. We at QeCAD provide you with a set of Point Cloud Modelling and Architectural BIM Services  for all your new and old construction projects.