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Make Your Fabrication, Assembly, and Installation Easier with Our MEP Shop Drawing Services

We at QeCAD provide accurate MEP Fabrication Drawing Services to simplify the fabrication of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing components. Our team of detailers and engineers are skillful and delivers detailed shop drawings of each discipline/trade with impeccable quality and reliability. We incorporate all the information regarding HVAC piping, sheet metal work, plumbing, electrical and fire safety so that the later installation and construction get fastened and hassle-free. The information includes dimensions, manufacturing standards, guidelines, diagrams, schedules, notes, illustrations, material sizes, workflows, detailed part drawings, and other details compared to the construction documents. Our Shop Drawing Services guarantee a well-coordinated building structure that is clash-free and up to the mark. We provide a combination of architectural, structural, and civil shop drawings to facilitate a better and strengthened construction project. Our MEP Installation Drawings are as per international building standards and codes. They include every key element of the construction structure irrespective of the type of structure and complexity involved. We have delivered more than 1500+ projects within a span of more than 23 years across the USA, UK, Italy, Australia, Canada, and various European regions.

Our MEP Shop Drawing Service

We provide a set of shop drawings for various projects, including residential, commercial, industrial, and infrastructural sectors. These includes:

  • HVAC shop drawing services
  • Electrical shop drawing services
  • Plumbing shop drawing services
  • Composite drawings
  • Equipment placement drawings
  • Coordinated shop drawings
  • Sheet metal drawings
  • Ductwork layout drawings
  • Assembly drawings
  • Pipe fabrication drawings
  • Electrical component technical drawings
  • Mechanical piping details
  • Penetration drawings
  • Sleeve & Block-out drawings
  • As-built MEP drawings
  • Pipe/ MEP Spool drawings

What are MEP Shop Drawings?

MEP shop drawings are a combination of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing shop drawings that are drafted to facilitate the fabrication and installation of a construction project. They form the backbone of the building construction on which the integrity of the building relies. It adds unanimity to the construction document sets. It specifies details such as

  • Any deviations from the Architectural Construction Documents
  • Installation details and guidelines
  • Prefabrication details
  • Dimensions that require site verification

Benefits of MEP Shop Drawings

  • Accurate building design and assembly
  • Precise cost estimation
  • Documentation for maintenance
  • Better workflow and scheduled trades
  • Fluent and accurate extraction of data
  • Enhance building quality and productivity
  • Clash-detection and coordination
  • Improved productivity and delivery schedules
  • Reduced costs and reworks

Get Accurate Placements of MEP Components with Our MEP Shop Drawings.