We Deliver Accurate Structural BIM Services to Illustrate the Structural Aspects of the Project

We at QeCAD provide quality Structural BIM Services for effectively fabricating and assembling structural elements. Our structural BIM Modelers, Steel Detailers, and Engineers are fluent in providing BIM Structural Services for various structural components like steel, columns, beams, precast, joists, concrete, etc. Our services are precise and allow you to visualize the project's structure, iterate structural changes, and create an enhanced structural model. We ensure through our Structural BIM Modelling Services that there occur no clashes among the structural components, and you get a well-coordinated model for hassle-free fabrication and construction. We help you solve the construction challenges of complex structural designs using our modeling services. Accuracy in designing, structural detailing, and modeling make us among the top BIM service provider across the USA, UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Our structural solutions are scalable, competitive, and cost-effective and ensure that the structural integrity of your building structure is never compromised.

Our Structural BIM Services Include

Structural BIM Modeling

We create highly detailed structural 3D models, including various structural components like foundations, beams, columns, trusses, etc., with the required level of detail (LOD100-500). Our models can be used for better structural analysis and evaluation. 

Structural Quantity Take-off

Our structural models accurately and precisely extract structural quantities and material take-offs that can be used in planning and estimations.

Structural Shop Drawings

We provide comprehensive structural shop drawings from the structural models that can be effectively used for fabrication and construction.

Structural Construction Documentation

We create detailed documentation, including structural notes, symbols, foundation plans, layouts, floor plans, section details, framing details, etc

What is Structural BIM Services, and What are their Benefits?

Structural BIM Services consists of a 3D structural model of the building structure depicting its structural components, their connections, and the placements. It makes fabrication and future construction a lot easier. It also helps in encountering potential structural issues well in advance and rectifying them to get the coordinated BIM model for execution. Structural services are of great importance as it is an integral part of the building structure and the strength of the building depends on them; therefore, any issues in the structural aspects can lead to massive delays and cost overruns. This may also hamper the integrity of your built structure.

Benefits of Structural BIM Modeling Includes

  • Comprehensive and detailed 3D models
  • Efficient fabrication and assembling
  • Reduced errors, timelines, and costs
  • Streamlined workflows and communications
  • Clash-free model
  • In-depth structural analysis and evaluation
  • Efficient and quality construction

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