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Delivering End-to-End BIM Services for Infrastructure and Civil

We at QeCAD use intelligent and connected BIM workflows to help you effectively construct infrastructure and civil projects. Our team of modelers and engineers holds extensive BIM skill sets and knowledge regarding infrastructural and civil designs to cater to all your project needs irrespective of the type of the project and complexity involved. We specialize in BIM Modelling Services for Infrastructure like structural designs, consultation, construction, operations, and management. We understand your project needs and challenges and facilitate you with accurate solutions leveraging advanced technology with our BIM Services for the infrastructure. Our robust and comprehensive solutions allow you to coordinate well among the team with real-time updates so that crucial decision-making becomes more straightforward for your complex infrastructural projects. Our BIM for Infrastructure stage a better blueprint with all the information mapped along with giving insightful infrastructural model. We do iterate multiple scenarios, thus creating accurate and detailed construction, As-built, and fabrication drawings, eliminating clashes, and facilitating fluent construction and management. We are familiar with international standards and codes and can cater to projects globally.

Our Major BIM Infrastructural Services

BIM for Transportation

We provide BIM models for Roads, Highways, Metro stations, Sidewalks, Broadways, Waterways, and many other transportation projects. Our BIM services are accurate and help avoid any clashes with the existing facilities like gas piping, water lines, etc. Our BIM models guarantee the identification and resolution of the conflict and help your projects to stay in line with the existing infrastructure. We help with effective decision-making on geometries, quantity take-offs, resources, lane configurations, cut and fill analysis, site grading and analysis, and many more with our BIM transportation modeling.

BIM for Bridges and Dams

We provide extensive BIM services for underpass and overpass bridges, retaining walls, pedestrian bridges, entry, and exit ramps, etc. Since these projects are of complex magnitudes and involve multiple disciplines and intricate geometries, we help at every stage with adequate planning, designing, fabrication, construction, and management leveraging BIM. Our As-built model for dams, bridges, and relevant projects makes it easier to detect, locate, document & resolve damages efficiently.

BIM for Tunnel Modeling

Our BIM services for tunnel information modeling help throughout the tunnel design, construction, and its effective operations. We are proficient in creating tunnels with complex structures, geometries, and interconnected systems. Our tunnel modeling depicts multi-disciplinary engineering elements that are clash-free and helps avoid hazards on site. We create precise As-built drawings and models to help tunnel operators, and managers efficiently operate, maintain, repair, and renovate.

BIM for Civic Structures

We are experts in creating structures involving complex geometries like malls, stadiums, parks, pools, commercial centers, and other facilities involving inter and intra disciplines. Our team holds extensive experience in syncing the architectural, structural, and MEP components well to give you a clash-free model for any civic structure.

BIM For Off Shore Structures

Our skilled team holds deep insights on marine and oil rig operations and working and assures us to deliver accurate and information-rich models for floating facilities, dock harbors, cofferdams, pipe lays, and various other offshore projects using an integrated BIM approach. With our services, you can get a streamlined construction workflow, accurate timelines, estimations, quantity take-offs, and As-built models for hassle-free operations and maintenance. We assure you that potential clashes are encountered at the pre-construction stage itself through our Offshore BIM Modelling, and you get a clash-free model/ structure.

BIM for Land/Site development

We are equipped with advanced tools and techniques to help you with topographic or geography conceptualizing, ideation, and designing from inception. We convert your scanned data into an informative and intellectual model. We not only help with the pre-construction planning, but we also help with updating the As-built conditions post-construction for effective maintenance.

The benefit of BIM for Infrastructural and Civil Structures

  • Investigate and deliver multiple scenarios of project implementation
  • Reduce complexity and improve insights
  • Accurate analysis, statistics, and documentation
  • Fluent communication and collaboration
  • Timely delivery
  • Prevent errors and cost-overruns
  • Quality and compelling structures

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