Speed Up Your Construction Designing with Our Revit Family Creation Services

We provide customized Revit Family Creation Services to ease the work of the fabricators, architects, engineers, and contractors using Autodesk Revit. Our team of BIM modelers are experts in creating all types of Revit families, be they parametric or non-parametric, keeping the geometry of the family in mind. Our BIM Object Creation Services ensure the development and creation of BIM objects for Architectural, Structural, and MEP trades.

We do create family components as per the client's or project needs. These components are accurate and well-designed to fit into the model, and they can also be used for various other projects and can be modified if required. We emphasize more on quality and timely delivery, assuring quick access to the family components as and when needed. We do consider CAD drawings, sketches, diagrams, and various other file formats such as AutoCAD files, SolidWorks, Fusion 360, InfraWorks, 3DS Max, Sketch Up, and others as input to create components. We are known to provide Custom BIM Content Creation Services with speed and accuracy across the USA, UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our BIM Revit Family Services Includes

Architectural Revit Families

We create BIM objects for architectural components like furniture, windows, doors, walls, ceilings, stairs, etc., per the client's requirement

Structural Revit Families

Our designers and engineers are well-versed in creating Structural BIM Objects as per the project needs. With our accuracy and precision in object creation, structural modeling becomes way easier and faster. Our structural Revit creation includes columns, beams, sections, mountings, foundations, trusses, base plates, and many more.

Mechanical Revit Families

We are proficient in creating Mechanical BIM Objects that simplify your Mechanical and HVAC modeling to a greater extent. Our mechanical engineers use the existing Revit families to generate precise Revit models for mechanical components. Our Mechanical Revit Family Creation includes Heating and Ventilation components, ducts, VAV terminal units, valves, filters, hangers, etc.

Electrical Revit Families

With our Electrical BIM Object Creation, you can get an enhanced electrical model to ease out the visualization and installation of electrical components. This includes switches, lighting, power sources, sockets, transformers, and other electrical devices.

Plumbing Revit Families

We to intensify the design of plumbing components and their modeling with our existing and customized Revit objects for accurate MEP modeling. Plumbing revit family creation includes pumps, pipes, fixtures, water closets, piping, faucets, drainage components, and many other plumbing and bathroom equipment and accessories.

Firefighting Revit Families

Our Revit families for firefighting services include fire extinguishers, fire alarms, smoke detectors, etc.

What is Revit Family Creation, and What is its Importance?

Revit family creation is a process of developing a set of building or construction components, equipment, and accessories. Revit provides a library of such components to be used directly while modeling, and if not, it facilitates creating one per the project requirements. Revit families can be divided into three types: System families, which are in-built and used directly; Loadable Families, which are user-defined and created from scratch; and In-Place Families, which are specifically designed as per the project's demand. In addition, there are a few other families, like annotation families, nested families, and hosted families.

Importance of Revit Families

  • Precise Modelling
  • Better Visualization
  • Supports Resizing of Model
  • Time-Savvy and Cost-Effective
  • Improves Estimations for Bill of Materials and Bill of Quantities

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