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Keep a Record of All the Alterations and Modification with Our Accurate As-Built BIM Modelling Services

We at QeCAD hold a team of architects, designers, and BIM modelers who are experts in depicting a building completion condition with the help of explicit as-built BIM models. We integrate all the data changes, alterations, modifications, field changes, design changes, shop drawing changes, and all the extra works into our a-built model using our As-Built BIM Services. Not only the changes, but we also specify the details of the changes, like the date on which the modification or alteration was made and any relevant comments. Our As-Built Services ease the management of all the crucial information for future renovations and restorations. Not only for remodeling, but Our As-built Modelling Services also help with the newer construction by designing a replica of the actual building to give the overview of the final construction structure. Our experience, expertise, and familiarity with international building codes for over two decades have made us fluent in creating data-oriented As-built BIM models across various countries like the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

Our As-Built BIM Modelling Services

Markup Drawings to As-Built Model

We use existing building plans or markup drawings consisting of the data fetched from the pre-constructed structure and transform it into an information-rich As-Built Model. We use markup/red drawings to update all activities and changes on the as-built model during the ongoing construction.

As-Built Model for Field Verification

Our team is proficient in adding real-time field data during the construction of the As-built model, which helps monitor and analyzes the on-site conditions.

Point Cloud to As-Built BIM

We convert the point cloud/scanned data to an intuitive BIM model showcasing the as-built conditions of the existing structure along with the proposed model for renovations.

What are As-Built Modelling Services?

As-Built Modelling Services are the techniques used to illustrate a building or a structure as it was actually built. These are developed post-construction to record all the alterations and revisions performed during construction. This depicts the differences between the design and final construction that can be used for future renovations or maintenance.

The benefit of As-Built Modeling Services

  • Ensures efficient and fluent renovations
  • Records deviations from the existing designs
  • Improves onboarding of a new team member
  • Improves data control
  • Assist in clash resolutions
  • Improves operations and collaboration
  • Simplify and fasten the building permit approvals
  • Supporting property insurance needs

Leverage Our As-Built Modelling Services For Your Older and Newer Projects.