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Reduce the Construction Conflicts with Our Clash Detection & BIM Coordination Services

We at QeCAD hold a team of BIM modelers who can identify the conflicts at the pre-construction stage itself with the help of BIM Clash Detection Services. With our services, you can reduce the number of changes on-site and get clash-free construction. Not only clash identification, but our team is also well versed in resolving clashes and delivering you a well-coordinated BIM model using Our BIM Coordination Services. Our core competencies will help you detect and eliminate any design interferences to get a smooth and hassle-free construction workflow. We also facilitate reporting or documenting the clashes to minimize the errors and inefficiencies that may cause delays and budget overruns. Our Clash Detection Services also enable effective construction sequencing, material procurement, and resource utilization and ensure sustainable designs that comply with the original architectural intent. Our services are of top-notch quality, and we assure the deliverables in quick turnaround times and at affordable rates.

Our Clash Detection and Coordination Services

Clash Detection

Our team has extensive domain knowledge and identifies all types of clashes, whether hard, soft, workflow, or time-based. They identify the spatial conflicts, sequencing issues, etc., using advanced tools and technology to make further on-site construction fluent.

Clash Report Generation

Our team reports and documents every detail relevant to the conflicts with a proposed solution.

MEP BIM Coordination Services

We provide you with a BIM model so that your MEP components are placed appropriately, and no conflicts occur between them to get a well-coordinated construction workflow.

Clash Mitigations

Our team has extraordinary analytical skills to determine and suggest remedial solutions to mitigate clashes encountered quickly. These include resizing elements, re-routing utilities, spatial modifications, fundamental changes, etc.

What are Clash Detection and Clash Coordination Services?

Clash detection services are the technique to identify how and where any two or more parts of the building intersect. This is generally conducted at the pre-construction stage, so your construction activities go seamlessly without glitches. Clash detection is a part of clash coordination services. Clash coordination services resolve all the clashes encountered with a tailored solution to give a proposed BIM model that is well coordinated and ensures reduced reworks and timelines as well as hassle-free construction on-site.

What are the Benefits of Clash Detection and Coordination Services?

  • Identify clashes accurately between multi-trades at the early design stage
  • Precise engineering design documentation and solution
  • Increases the structural integrity
  • Improves the energy efficiency
  • Reduced changes and reworks on-site
  • Streamlines the construction activities and workflow
  • Reduced resource and material wastage
  • Reduced timelines, scheduling errors, and costings
  • Speed ups the construction
  • Efficient building operations
  • Increased safety
  • Improved productivity

Get a Clash-Free and Well-Coordinated BIM Model with Our Services