Project Objective

The client wanted us to prepare a set of Cabinet Joinery Shop Drawings for Balwyn Community Center, which should be detailed plans displaying the elevations, sections, and 3-dimensional views of every cabinet.

Project Summary

Business Needs

  1. Create an initial joinery drawing as per the files provided

  2. Create sections in 75 cabinets designs

  3. Create detailed cabinet joinery drawings that specified the elevation and 3D view of each cabinet

Client Inputs

The client provided us with the architectural drawing sets and sample joinery drawings

Output Delivered

Time was of the essence as the due date for the first submission was tough to achieve. By using the ‘Teamwork Environment’, we sped up the drawing process considerably to deliver it a day before the asked date. After review, the team needed to create sections of all cabinet joinery diagrams for around 75 cabinets on an urgent basis. The team efficiently completed them in around 24 working hours.

During the completion process, various other changes and markups were suggested by the client’s Architects and our team managed to take up as first priority and integrate the changes in the drawings and models with utmost perfection.

We used ArchiCAD software and the Cadimage-cabinet add-on to create Cabinet Models and Drawings and ended up creating 64 sheets in total.

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