Dr. Eliza Zimmerman, Michigan USA

I highly recommend QeCAD not just for the competitive prices out-sourcing to India but the quality of the work is excellent, surpasses expectations, and the customer service is outstanding! This company is managed and operated by a team of professionals who are patient, attentive to your project needs, polite, kind, and courteous. All of the qualities you would want doing business outside of the country which completely lowed my stress levels. Additionally, they write and speak in English better than most individuals I have known who are born to the English language.
Without any reservations I highly recommend QeCAD, a 5-star rating.

Edward Vincent, Australia

QeCAD performed flawlessly. They delivered the initial drafts ahead of schedule, made several changes as requested, and delivered the final rendering on time. Quality of the image was extremely high. I plan to use them again in the next project.

Sabiha Nkya, Brooklyn USA

QeCAD did an amazing job. very fast with their responses and listens to customer throughout the process. highly recommend the service.

Stephen Shade, USA

I was concerned about a language barrier, but my concerns were squashed once I started working with QeCAD. I was able to communicate my needs without issues. Quick delivery and fair pricing will keep me coming back.