Client Profile

Intexa offers innovative product solutions across Acoustic Fencing, Acoustic Barriers, Integrated Barriers + Retaining Walls, and stand-alone Retaining Walls. With sturdy and innovative design capabilities, Intexa specializes in providing custom product solutions. Their extensive product range caters to residential, commercial, industrial, and many other industry verticals.


Intexa Projects approached QeCAD for a series of design jobs that involved creating drawings for
their different fencing and barrier products.

Business Needs

  • 1 Digital plans/drawing for various Fence types
  • 2 3D Views of the Fence

Client Inputs

Client provided over a few hand sketches, SketchUp base models, and written markups for the digital transformation of different fence types.

QeCAD’s Approach

Based on the received inputs, we created the individual digital versions of them.The output included Elevation Plans and 3D drawings for the same.

Fence Job-1 Output

Fence Job-2 Output

Fence Job-3 Output

Final Outcome

The client appreciated the digital plans and was satisfied with the outcome. 3D drawings were initially not a part of the project, but upon seeing the plans, Intexa projects proposed to design them as well.

With a few tweaks here and there, the fencing product project for Intexa turned out satisfactory for both the client and us.

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