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Detailed Fire Evacuation CAD Drafting Services

Prepare emergency evacuation plans that ensure the safest exit route and lowest evacuation time

Don’t take a chance when it comes to implementing fire & safety measures in your building plans. We specialize in creating structurally accurate fire evacuation CAD drafts with detailed placements of different safev ty equipment such as passive and active fire protection systems, the escape lighting, Fire detection and alarm systems, and access to & facilities for the emergency & fire services.

We offer a no-compromise fire safety and evacuation drafting services for affordable rates to deliver high-precision results that match our clients’ expectations and are in accordance with country-specific building safety norms. Our team of autoCAD drafter works closely with manyfire safety contractors &engineers and is equipped to handle all forms of architectural drafting services. We provide emergency evacuation CAD drafts from scratch services as well as CAD from paper or 2D to 3D conversion services, for all types of infrastructures such as Residential, Commercial, Hospital, Warehouses, Shopping Malls, etc.


Emergency evacuation & egress diagrams

A detailed layout with ‘You are Here’ points, nearest fire escape, assembly point, and fire escape route indicated on them.


Sprinkler Block Plan Drafting

A design draft that displays the layout of the sprinkler system over the floor plan to be referred to during installation.


Fire detection & EWIS zone block plans

A layout that lists out the different safety equipment types such as alarm signals, the fire extinguishers, defibrillator, etc. along with their location on the site map of the building.


Fire Safety Plan Drafting

An amalgamation of the above three layouts to create a complete floor plan that needs to be submitted while applying for a Full Plans Building Regulation.

Our Process

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Provide us with the prerequisites* while placing order

Scope of Work

Our team analyzes the project requirements and the uploaded files to understand the scope of your work

Project Execution

Your project is allocated to the production team, who execute it as per your needs

Quality Check & Revisions

We conduct the most stringent quality checks & perform revisions (if needed) before we deem your project delivery-worthy

Final Delivery

The project files are sent to you along with a feedback form to gauge our work

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What services do you offer?

QeCAD contributes to fire protection industry by providing high-quality CAD Drafting services that can be utilized for creating fire escape plan autocad drawing, floor evacuation plans, sprinkler block layout, fire prevention plan, fire escape plan maker, & safety equipment floor plans. Our commitment is towards delivering projects with highest level of accuracy in the quickest turnaround time frame.

What Prerequisites Should We Provide While Placing Order?

While our team of expert drafters works with you at every stage of drafting, we prefer some prerequisites to understand your needs better. Depending on the availed services you can provide:

  • The architectural layout drawing or fire protection plan in dwg, tiff, sketch, Revit, or pdf format
  • Scanned copies with locations of different passive and active fire protection systems marked up
  • Any building guidelines
  • Applicable Safety Codes
  • Preferred CAD draft dimensions
  • Brand logos, Icons, Symbol Library, & any similar intellectual property

I have a fire escape plan as an architectural drawing? Do you offer conversion services?

Absolutely yes. We can convert your existing physical drawing into the digital format that helps you save space and lets you access them anytime from anywhere. Additionally, we also offer 2D to 3D conversions for a more immersive experience.

What is the approximate Turnaround time for a Drafting project?

The turnaround time of a project depends on building size & number of drawings required. A two-story commercial building usually takes 2-3 days.

What Experience You Have In Drafting Fire Evacuation Policy Plans?

QeCAD has been the trusted CAD drafting company for many fire safety contractors & engineers. We have been in the industry for 2+ years.

What Formats Can We Output The Results In?

Based on your requirements we can provide the final Fire safety and Evacuation drawings in any of the popular formats such as PDF, JPEG/PNG, or a layered DWG Autocad format.

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