Why is Cloud-Based CAD Software Preferred?

Cloud-based software is increasingly penetrating the tech market. Almost all industries utilize cloud-based applications, and most of them are better because of it. The cloud base market has been predicted to have doubled over the past three years. 

Cloud-hosted applications and software provide low starting costs, fast accessibility, and provide regular software updates. In fact, as per the SaaS Industry Market Report, 80% of end users in the United States prefer cloud-hosted applications for organizational purposes.

While so many industries have adopted the cloud-based model Cloud Based CAD is also trending over.

Cloud-based CAD is very much similar to traditional CAD Services; the only difference is that they run on the cloud instead of local computational resources. Cloud-based CAD software takes advantage of cloud computing and the internet and performs all the design and calculations on the cloud. It does not require installing any separate software on the device for the computation. Even all the data is saved on the cloud itself.