When Architectures symbolize emotions

We all know that we like to visit places that have rich cultural and architectural background. The essence and aura of such places is palpable and deeply set in the rich, cultural growth in which the structures were made. They have stood the test of time and they seem to have seen the world grow and change from the way it was once.

If you look at the perfect make of the Taj Mahal – the eternal symbol of love and architectural marvel of the century and one of the seven wonders of world, you will find that a lot of profound emotions of love, suffering, pain and happiness is related to it. The reason why still people across the world throng to see it daily is because it is one of the most beautifully and accurately created structures from the times of the Mughals and has hence stood till now.

The Taj has been an architectural marvel for the sole reason that the foundations tell a deeper story and how the towers at the corners balance the whole platform on which the marble structure is standing.

Greater have been people whose emotions have been very deep with the way the architecture was built and it was done at a time when there was no technological advancement and accuracy have been of the utmost precision.

People who are looking out for monumental marvels know that when they are looking for huge structures, it is not the clarity and precision. It is the histories and the stories associated with each monument that gets to people. Every structure has a story to tell and when we create them, we are creating history along with it.

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