There are many types of roofs, here we have covered most common roofs, Gable roof, Hip Roof, Flat roof, Shed roof, Mansard roof, Saltbox roof, and Butterfly Roof

A roof is part of a façade often termed a building envelope. It is one of the critical areas of every building structure as it is the shelter that protects external components. Selecting an appropriate roof is tricky, but if you do so, the lifespan of your roof, exteriors, and building could increase. A roof’s characteristics depend on the broader architectural design and modeling concepts. Besides the technical aspects, you would also like to consider its artistic side and the chosen material. 

QeCAD is a leading CAD Company experienced in designing aesthetic and creative roofs for residential, commercial, and industrial aspects. We have a team of Revit professionals who help you select and create suitable roof styles, designs, and shapes for even large and complex projects. 

Below are some of the common rooftop shapes and styles we design and render:

Roof types-qecad