Virtual reality design apps

The development of augmented and virtual reality apps for construction and designing has been one of the biggest innovations of the previous few years. Also, expected to grow more in the future.

Programming designers in the AEC space are advancing computerized modeling with the advancement of augmented and virtual reality apps stages that permit project groups to utilize smartphones, tablets, and headsets to drench themselves and their clients in their expected structures.

Virtual Reality Design and Construction apps give huge adaptability to the Architecture and Construction sector that goes beyond anybody’s creative ability.

Numerous architects, designers and engineers contributing their money, time, and enthusiasm for the virtual world are expanding, as are the number of real estate clients who need to encounter VR before settling their future homes.

To aggregate it up, augmented and virtual reality apps and architects both require each other.

In this article, we will take a look at the best design and construction apps available in this most interesting new augmented reality technology, that benefits to designing in a virtual world.


BIM applications are currently utilized all over in the construction business. GO BIM as application enables you to explore 3D BIM models and their related information. But, the size of the model that GoBIM can deal with is subject to three components, the number of triangles,f parameters, and the materials.


Google’s Cardboard APP offers virtual reality design apps to users alongside demos for Earth, Exhibit, Tour Guides, My Videos, and Photo Sphere on smartphones.

It is the ideal presentation in the realm of virtual reality on your cell phone. With Google Cardboard APP’s VR similarity with Google Earth, you can now investigate more places in the world over as if you’re being there.

My Videos give you access to the recordings that you record on your smartphone with the assistance of VR headset. With this Cardboard App, you can without much of a stretch use most loved virtual reality encounters, set up a viewer, and can find new APPS.


PlanGrid is a moderately simple to use the app, out of other available virtual reality design apps, that will keep all your colleagues aware of the most recent amendment of drawings and manages the construction process.

PlanGrid lets you publish the drawing to a cloud server plus share them with all your colleagues. It likewise has the ability to have old adaptations of a similar drawing and will caution you when seeing an obsolete drawing.

Architect’s Formulator

This Apple app highlights more than 400 features for electrical, carpentry and pipes counts. It contains formulas for soil filling and effectively setting bricks, parking areas, swimming pools, walkways etc.
Hence, the ARCHITECT’S FORMULATOR is the perfect tool for architects


The application has many advantages and components as compared to other design and construction apps. Firstly, Truckast enables you to set up your ready-mix concrete order specifically from your smartphone/tablet. Secondly, you have an access to track delivery times giving the idea when trucks will touch base location.

The app likewise will keep up an entire record of what number of cement has been put, what number of is headed and soon will bolster photographs being transferred into the platform.


IrisVR works with 3D software providing a genuine feeling of profundity and space before anything has been built. It lets you use your favored 3D modeling tool such as SketchUp and Revit.

After downloading the mobile app named Scope, displays panorama in portable VR for you and your clients. Also, the timer feature within it makes all the design and construction process speedier and saves time.