Product development

The product development process starts with thinking of a great idea and then converting that idea into a physical product. The final product may deviate from your concept if not tested beforehand.

Not going with the proper steps can increase the time of your product development cycle.  It could be a nightmare to fix the design flaws in the later stage, which could be  a waste of time and money.

Favorably, we are blessed with the cutting-edge technologies to avoid all the flaws and defects. 3D modeling is one of those technology and allows to create incredible products.

Here are the 4 Steps to improve your product development process with 3D modeling:

1. Potential Customers Review
You are designing the item for the customers, so it needs to fulfill their requirements. They should be genuine, not the ones that engineers figure clients may like. Hence, all you have to do is take the customers’ review.
Create your product’s 3D Model for instance- shoes. Later you post it with a survey questionnaire on your site as well as on the social networking site.
The question may be like:
Rate the product on the scale of 1 to 10
Which color do you prefer for the product?
What improvements would you like to see?
Or any other question as per the requirement of your 3D product development.

2.  Product Testing and Prototyping

Clients ought to get the perfect product for their capital invested. Thus, product development process must emphasize and test the product experience. 3D modeling prompts more refined finished products since key choices about the capacity and feel of the item were already made during the planning procedure.

The enhanced communication made by giving prototypes to producers and retailers likewise guarantees the genuine product design will be accomplished. 3D Printing Technology now has the potential of reproducing the high-quality product with the finest detailing.

3.  Attractive Product Packaging

As buying depends on emotions for customers, appealing packaging design frequently does what needs to be done for improved marketing. Custom 3D modeling permits making unique and innovative designs. Besides, you can envision the outcome during the time spent on its creation and make rectifications if necessary.

What’s more, once you create something extraordinary, 3D Printing will empower you to get instant and good quality packaging.

4.  Appropriate Marketing

Marketing plays a critical role in 3D Product Development! 3D printed components are helpful in conveying the design aim to sales departments and customers, as well as to producers and retailers. Sharing the printed models will help to decide whether the product is as per client’s needs, can be cost-effective and distinguish potential issues that may emerge amid development process.

With the 3D modeling, you can also create Virtual 3D Tour. This way you can exhibit the ease of use of the product. Virtual 3D Tour will not only give astonishing look to your site but you can additionally utilize it for marketing the product by sharing it on Facebook.