Prefab Homes – Constructing homes of your own choice

Buying a home could be a dream for many peoples. Buyers always inquire for a home that fits into their imagination and can shape their experience. They look for the traits and qualities of their own choice which sometimes stick-built homes fails to meet. Well! the solution is here with Prefab homes.

Yes! Prefab homes provide a customized solution for home buyers within less period of time.

So next time if you can’t find a house you want to buy you may be able to think about building a home for yourself. In that case, you’ll need to choose between a stick-built house and a prefab home. Stick-built means your home is built the old-fashioned way, with a crew of workers on site for months raising the home and fitting it with plumbing and electricity.

Prefabricated homes allow work to continue despite poor weather conditions and reduces waste of time and material at the site.

Prefabrication Process comprises of two steps :

1) It starts from manufacturing the assemblies under factory conditions or production site. All the components of the structures are assembled at the Production site.

2) Assembled Structures are then taken to construction Sites for incorporating into the building.

Prefabricated construction has gained popularity over the years due to following benefits :

1) Design Flexibility : Prefabs offer a range of house plans to choose and hundred of options to customize the house you pick.

2) Fast Construction : Fast construction is one of the big advantages of prefab homes. Prefab homes are pre-made, so all is needed to assemble them and hook up to needed utilities.

3) Reduced Construction Cost: The cost of prefabricated houses is lower than that of a site-built home. It takes fewer laborers working over the course of fewer days to make a prefab move-in ready. That saves your money.

4)Environmentally Friendly: Prefab requires less material than site built homes. Excess materials are reused for other homes.That means this technology has minimal wastage and minimal impact on the environment.

The prefab components and prefab structures eliminate space and time over conventional constructions. Prefabrication is employed to a large extent in a wide variety of countries, construction industry, in spite of its expansion continues to adopt same conventional methods.

There are some disadvantages too along with the well-Known advantages which are listed below:

1) While transporting and handling the assemblies, breakages may happen which could lead to extra provision to be made.

2) The difficulty can arise while connecting precast units so as to produce the same effect as monolithic. This may lead to Non-Monolithic construction.

Hence, based on the advantages and disadvantages one may choose and decide how to build their homes and where to build.