Landscape Architecture

A building is not an invasion of the landscape but a vital extension of it. Landscape architecture is the comprehensive discipline of land analysis, planning, design, management, preservation, and rehabilitation.

A large list goes on when somebody asks what landscape architects do? The list does not end with designing parks, plazas, green roofs, gardens, public art, and fountains. A landscape architect uses its skills tactfully to give you a complete balance of indoor space with nature.

Here we have broken down the understanding of what landscape architecture is and what is its significance.

The role of landscape architects:

Landscape architects establish a balance between built and natural environment by designing and planning the outdoor spaces.

Landscape architects are only licensed and trained to design landscapes, not to build them. This means that we work primarily through designs to collaborate with clients, architects, and contractors.

In today’s date, it is important to make people aware of landscape architecture. It is not just the beautification of a space but creating a space and ambiance of a development initiating lifestyle.

Landscape Architecture creates a new public realm and also a quality built environment focused on the ecological footprint and the environmental framework.

The importance of landscape Architecture:

1) Proper organization of the space

The keyword for the success of any landscape design is space organization. Proper organization means laying the plantings at right spot and planning of appropriate paths and shortcuts.

The implementation of all the necessary elements like seating and parking should be well planned. People like to move through space with ease while enjoying the view. Landscape architecture is a great way for people to reach their needs.

2) Encouraging social interactions

Socialization is a vital element in people’s lives. Whether it is an ordinary walk or the hang out with friends, everybody likes to spend some quality time outdoors.

Landscape architecture is the right solution to provide comfortable and enjoyable outdoor places to people. This solution delivers and provides an inviting package of landscape elements for people to gather.

3) Positive influence on Psychology

Nature has a great influence on our physical as well as on mental health.
Physical activity gives health benefits for our bodies. But what happens with the mind?

Spending some time in nature just by walking or sitting, not working out or running, you can see that your mood has changed. Landscape architecture completely fulfills the responsibility of influencing the psychology positively.

4) Highlight the good and Hide the bad

Landscape architects are really polished about their skills in emphasizing any valuable or attractive element in space and makes the visitor approach it.

Not only highlighting the good, landscape architects also hide the bad views. For example, hiding a deteriorated facade or an old warehouse should be kept hidden by implementing the curvy paths or adding a green wall.

5) Natural Materials are welcome

When working on some project, landscape architects should know how to preserve our environment. Try to make it compatible with nature as much it is possible.

Implement the use of natural materials wherever suitable like in paving, seating, decorations, etc.

The project scope dictates what material to use, but it’s realizable to implement wood or natural stone at least partially.

A famous architect says that “if one can step for a moment into an outdoor space, no matter how small and get a glimpse of the sky and the smell of the earth, trees, and flowers, then the overwhelming scale and density of urban life can be largely overcome”.

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