Wooden Architecture

Wooden architecture can be a way of celebrating nature and its timeless ancestral beauty which gives us pleasure of living. The beginning of the use of wood for construction purpose dates back to several centuries.

Then, it was quite basic creating vertical barriers to create a box within which the confined space was defined safe. Years and years of modifications and today with the aid of technology, its use has been optimized in a way to retain all its intrinsic property and at the same time hamper mindless deforestation.
Even though there are better materials available like stone, concrete, cement, sand, steel etc., Human still resort to wood up-to these very days. For some specific area in the world, due to climate or type of soil, use of wood is inevitable. Therefore, using wood as a construction material is very unlikely to perish.
This resource being scarce should be used with plan and efficiency. If done right, wood can, in some extent, help in green living. The following are few of the benefits of wood:

1) Energy efficient
Wood is a natural insulator and is very effective in isolating cold and heat. This means saving a significant amount of energy as compared to stone, concrete and brick houses. Being a good thermal insulator, wood is also an excellent noise absorber making wooden houses relaxing and peaceful.

2) Architecturally versatile
People upgrade the designs of their houses as the new trends come to the market. Wood in such situations works best as adding an extension, removing a wall or any modernization becomes simple and feasible allowing you to get the home in the style you want.
Whether it is a conventional home or something more modern, the choice is yours.

3) Wood is biodegradable
Discarding building materials like concrete, metal, and plastics is the biggest challenge because they take an impossibly long time to decompose. Wood will break down much more quickly and actually replenish the soil in the process when exposed to natural climate conditions.

4) Strength
Although wood is a light material, its strength is quite high.
They protect against static electricity and provide natural humidity control. Wooden floors are having great values with elegant, strong and durable properties.

5) Excellent for health
Studies have proved that wooden rooms and furnishings gives positive physiological and psychological benefits that mimic the effects of spending time outside with nature.
Considering all its advantages, architects are calling for more and more wooden architecture in the future.

6) Safe and lightweight
Most of the houses in the South East of USA are made up of woods because of the weak soil there, and constructing buildings with heavy bricks can cause the ground to sink, therefore light wooden houses are preferred. Woods can bend slightly, a property that bricks do not have.  Therefore, if the foundation shifts slightly wooden homes can flex and move accordingly rather than cracks.
Wood is a wondrous material, one must agree to this after knowing about the benefits of it.