How Will BIM Help in Residential Design and Construction?

Building Information Modelling or BIM is a 3D model-based approach to plan, design, construct, and manage buildings efficiently. When BIM was introduced, many industry professionals had a misconception that it applies solely to large and complex structures. But slowly and gradually, many small-scale firms analyzed the BIM benefits and started implementing BIM in their small and medium-sized projects. As we know, each building sector has its own challenges, which BIM can efficiently resolve. It is quickly gaining acceptance on all types and sizes of projects around the world, residential and home developers being the major ones to leverage BIM to improve the home design and building process. Let’s peek into the details about the same.


The home building sector faced many issues, including project delays, increased project delivery time, frequent clashes, budget overruns, collaboration and communication problems, etc. BIM Company came to the rescue for the home developers with many benefits, from project inception to effective execution to successful maintenance.


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