Know The Importance Of Construction Job-Site Photo Documentation

Construction managers and supervisors are nowadays understanding the importance of construction job-site photo documentation to ensure quality product delivery.

Monitoring project development and issues on the job-site is a fundamental piece of your business.

Here are the reasons why documenting daily with your trusty camera or smartphone while out on site is needed.

Photos are Reporting Tools

On location photography, can be a lifeline for the individuals who are just excessively occupied, or are away on business.

Photos of the site additionally can help less frequent visitors get a review of the venture and in the decision-making process based on site reports.

The camera’s eye can get pictures that may be generally missed by written and verbal reports.

Photos are Evidence

Photo-documenting the job-site before, as well as during, and after you start your work, can protect you from the sort of blaming the damage between workers and other contractual workers like plumbers, carpenters etc.

Thus, it will act as an evident if any such damage complaints arise.

Accurate photo documentation can be helpful to firms facing litigation from clients too.

Photos are Visual Timeline to Progress

From the ground-breaking to the roof-raising, photo documentation can provide visual proof to clients and stakeholders that the project is moving right on schedule.

Without any difficulty, you can see whether you are adhering to arrange timetables, are ahead or behind, and distinguish when important elements begin and end.

Thus, they give a visual timeline of events of your development works from the earliest starting point of the tasks.


The captured photos of in-progress and finished works and even photos of a happy team working on the site can be utilized on your site and brochures. Every task needs to be online in this era, hence you can even use them on your social networking accounts.

Setting up and taking the time to take quality photographs is one of the main parts of job-site photo documentation advantages. It will produce returning clients and show your abilities to potential clients. Follow these photography tips to achieve the best results

 It isn’t simply about demonstrating your clients the site advancement. If a picture is clicked correctly, keeping in focus, with the right lighting, and at the right angles, it can only be worth a thousand words.

Following tips for capturing photos with your camera or smartphones will help you to understand the importance of construction job-site photos documentation.

1.Make notes

Use an app like ArchiSnapper to capture your images alongside any notes that you have about the subject for further explanation.

Also, if needed, you can annotate your pictures with arrows and freehand drawings.

2.Flash Usage

If you have a dim job-site, then you should invest in a flash to guarantee that the picture quality of your photo catches everything that you require.

Though, say no to flash, if you are using smartphones. As they don’t have a real flash, it’s only a fancy LED bulb which blurs the photographs. No one likes a blurry photo, especially on the portfolio.

3. The Best Angle

Look at each angle and frame your shot to look it’s best. If something is obstructing that shot, move it or pick another angle. Be a sharpshooter by capturing stunning aspects.

4. Organize your photos

Arrange your photos in folders by project and date or milestone to save yourself a good time.

5. Store photos online

If you’re taking several site photos, then consider online storage options such as Dropbox. This will save space on your phone or tablet.

6. 3D photography

For jobs with high budgets and very specific requirements, you might like to consider 3D photography software such as ContextCapture and LumenRT, for more immersive interactions with your BIM data and models.

While people are great at reviewing visual data, they’re not very great at precisely retaining that data for long. Therefore, photography is so indispensable as a documenting device.

Particularly in the construction business, the importance of construction job-site should always be considered.

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