Project Details

Project Name :

Ritek Systems, Australia

Project Type :

Workshop Drawings

Project Objective

The client requested to create the accurate workshop drawings of the wall panels from Take-off to manufacturing & scheduling.

Project Summary

Scope of Work

  1. Workshop Drawings

  2. Take-Off (Estimate)

  3. Wall Drafting

  4. Manufacturing Drawing

  5. Scheduling

Discipline :

Wall Panel Manufacturing

Client Inputs

The client provided a comprehensive array of meticulously vetted architectural and structural drawings, via the dynamic formats of both PDF and DWG files.

Project Description

  • Take-Off (Estimation): In this process we needed to provide the estimation in of wall panels based on the basic drawings (plans & elevation) provided by client. These estimates were used as tenders for the Calculation of Total Number of Wall & of different wall thicknesses. Client provided basic marked up for the wall which was being used in Take-Off. In addition to this, the client shared the Structural & Architecture IFC Drawings to give the Estimate (For Width & Height of the Walls).
  • Wall Drafting: In this process we provided the Wall Details with their correct Dimensions. Client had shared the final Take-Off files as marked up for wall quotation which were being use for Wall Drafting. The client also provided us with the Structural, Architecture & Lift Manufacturing IFC Drawings to give the exact wall details for Wall drafting (For Width, Height & Thickness of the Walls).
  • Manufacturing: In this process we were asked to provide the Wall Manufacturing Details of Wall Paneling. The client did confirm the files as to which were to be used as Wall Drafting files for Wall Manufacturing.
  • Scheduling: In this process we were to provide the Packaging & Transportation process of Panels from Manufacture Unit to Site. The Client did confirm the File which were to be used as Manufacturing (Excel & CAD files) for Scheduling.

Output Delivered