Project Objective

Rombough Architecture approached QeCAD with a Kitchen Remodeling project. For the same, a conceptualized scope of work was sent to us for a digital concept document requirement.

Client Inputs

Phase 1 - Existing Condition QeCAD drafters created REVIT drafts of the Kitchen’s existing condition based on the received inputs in the form of pictures, measurements, and guidelines. Phase 2 - Demolition Courtney conceptualized the kitchen remodeling and wanted the same in a digital concept document. The team prepared an architectural REVIT draft with covering all the remodeling facilities.

Project Description

The construction floor plan copy of the kitchen wasn’t available with the client. To help us prepare an existing floor plan, they measured the wall dimensions, room sizes, and lengths. They sent a few of the camera clicked pictures along with the measurements for us to come up with a digital floor plan of the existing kitchen architecture first.

By understanding the scope of work and streamlining the inputs provided by Rombough Architects, we prepared a REVIT draft of the existing kitchen floor plan.

Output Delivered

With all the proposed alterations, QeCAD designed a grey model in REVIT. The rendering model has details
about the final intended structure of the remodeled kitchen.


Results Achieved

The Kala’s Kitchen Remodeling project was successfully delivered to Rombough Architecture with supreme satisfaction. She appreciated the efforts put in to achieve the final outcome.Despite the challenge, the team delivered the task within a stipulated timeline and appreciable results. The digital concept document with the REVIT rendering model fulfilled the requirements of the project.

Phase 3 - Proposed Condition