Project Objective

The client of Aaron & Fernando’s was looking for a Master Bathroom renovation that they provided in a raw format. Their client was in a dilemma for two of its vanity options and was unable to finalize from the two. Aaron and Fernando approached QeCAD with a rendering project of their Bathroom designs. The objective was to create immersive multi-angled models of the designs that can provide a virtual representation of the actual Bathroom.

Client Inputs

5 inputs files were received from Aaron & Fernando for the rendering work

Project Description

We were given the task of making the decision-making easy for the end client with our rendering services. Upon understanding the designs and their details, our 3D rendering experts created multi-angled versions from the design files provided by Aaron & Fernando.

Output Delivered

approving the grey model, we created 4 high-resolution multi-angle renderings for the Master Bathroom based on the input files received.

Keeping all the designing aspects in mind, the Master Bathroom creatives were rendered with precision. All the details of the drafts by Aaron & Fernando were taken care of. The final renders came out so well that Aaron & Fernando handed them over to the end-client directly.

the surreal virtual 3D renders of the Master Bathroom, the client was in awe! Deciding one from the two wasn’t difficult at all when one can exactly see how it’s gonna turn out.

Initially, a Grey draft was created by QeCAD team from the inputs received
Final 3D Renders