Project Details

Project Name :

Nine Four Design Group, Client (Australia)

Project Type :

Residential Building

Project Area :


Project Objective

The client requested the development of a comprehensive set of construction drawings for a residential building located in Australia. The construction drawings needed to be created in accordance with the applicable Australian building codes and regulations.

Project Summary

Scope of Work

  1. Construction Documentation Set (.dwg and .pdf)

  2. Creating a 3D Model of the Dwelling – Interior/Exterior

Discipline :


Client Inputs

The client provided hand-drawn sketches, intermittent annotations, revisions, and evolving concepts, accompanied by a few sets of instructions.

Project Description

The project involved generating functional blueprints or working drawings for a residential space in Australia. The client had furnished us with preliminary hand-drawn design sketches along revised and updated layouts for the project.

As the project unfolded, we embarked on the challenge of compiling a construction documentation set in strict accordance with prevailing Australian building codes. Our team seamlessly integrated the initial design, client preferences, and relevant codes, ensuring a harmonious synergy.

Through a series of iterative fine-tunings and edits, we meticulously refined the documentation, accommodating structural, safety, and environmental regulations. By facilitating effective communication among stakeholders, we achieved a cohesive documentation package that not only met stringent code requirements but also streamlined the construction process.

This case underscores our commitment to delivering excellence while upholding legal and safety standards in every facet of construction project management.

Output Delivered

  1. Cover sheet
  2. Site Survey
  3. Site Plan
  4. Floor Plans
  5. External Elevations
  6. 3D Views
  7. Shadow Map
  8. Internal Area Details (Interior Elevations, 3D views and Detailed area plan)
  9. Sections
  10. Landscape Plan
  11. Construction Details
  12. Opening Schedules
  13. Electrical Floor Plans
  14. Lighting Calculation