Project Details

Project Name :

Car Wash Facility Building, USA

Project Type :

Building Approval Set(Car Wash Facility)

Area info :

Site Area: 61700 SF, 1st Floor Area: 5624 SF, 2nd Floor Area: 1255 SF

Project Objective

The client approached us with the requirement to design and model the two-storey car wash facility and to create a construction documentation set to get consent to construct their car wash facility. The client sought an individual with a deep understanding of construction methods, building codes, and standards and the ability to prepare the set with utmost precision and meticulously minimal queries.

Project Summary

Scope of Work

  1. Design Approval Set and Construction Documentation Set

Discipline :


Model Development Detail Level :

LOD 300

Client Inputs

The client provided hand sketches, periodic mark-ups, changes, and evolving designs, accompanied by a few instructions.

Project Description

The grueling challenge for us at the first was that the Carwash Facility was all the way a new building type for us, but we did understand the requirements quite well, did a thorough research, went through a series of different and mixed type of construction system and delivered the model that was simple yet versatile and visually appealing. We had a few to and fro sessions for couple of feedbacks and changes and incorporated every minute details in the facility that will stand the test of time.


We meticulously documented the project specifications with all the terminologies used. We prioritized the safety, durability, and quality of our work and ensured that the proposed plans were up to the mark, demonstrating our commitment to excellence. Our comprehensive plans and specifications encompassed all reasonable aspects outlined by the building code provisions.

Output Delivered

01) Coversheet (with Index and 3D Views)
02) Site Plan
03) Site Details
04) Floor Plans
05) Foundation Plan and Details
06) Framing Plans and Details
07) Ceiling Plans 
08) Roof Plan
09) Elevations
10) Building Sections
11) Wall Sections
12) Enlarged connection details
13) Door & Finish Schedules
14) Interior Elevations
15) Plumbing Scope plans
16) HVAC Scope Plans
17) Electrical Scope Plans
18) 3D Exterior visuals (Separately during the Approval stage)