Project Objective

The client approached QeCAD to produce a single image render of the South elevation for the proposed building. The project required a 3D render, or a photo-realistic visualization as one single image.

Project Summary

Business Needs

  1. Single image render of the proposed building’s South Elevation.

  2. 3D render / Photo-realistic visualization in a single image.

Client Inputs

The client handed over the following inputs and specifications for the design, palette, dimensions and imagery for preparing the render.

Project Description

Mid-grey roof, light-grey exterior cladding, steel windows, and white door trims. The photo-realistic setting should be a dusk/sunset sky with reflections in the windows, surrounded by lots of photo-realistic trees, green lawns, and landscaping. No people or cars required are required in the final render.

Output Delivered

Before our team of experts took up the task of rendering for the project, we took a deep-dive insight into the client’s requirements, scope of work, and how we can deliver the best output – that blends the client’s expectations with our legacy of creating inimitable design experiences.


  • No shade on the house, it should all be in sunlight.
  • No curtains on the windows, just reflections of trees & sky.
  • Too many trees. Should only be a few smaller manicured trees (as per example) left and right of the house
  • The Lawn should be in front of the house from left to right and 4 meters deep.
  • No road in the front of the house, just a lawn
  • The blue sky should have a little cloud

First Rendering Draft