8 Factors You Should Consider Prior to Selecting the Right BIM Partner

With digitization tapping up the construction industry, manual sketches and modeling has come to a complete halt. The reason being a drastic shift to BIM modeling, which is quite streamlined, informative, and well organized. BIM is the driving force, transforming the architectural and construction industry to a whole new level. According to the research, by 2024, the BIM market size is expected to level up to $4,210 million

Contemplating the value of BIM, almost every AEC firm is switching to BIM solutions for their building projects. However, companies implementing BIM find it challenging as it requires a thorough skillset and extensive knowledge. Since the BIM market is booming, there are various BIM Service providers out there, so why not outsource the BIM services to the experts?

Not just experience and expertise, outsourcing BIM services are sort of becoming the trend in the AEC industry to fasten up the building processes. According to the source, 45%  of the US general contracting firms outsource their BIM services and that too on a regular basis, and this practice is gaining popularity day by day. There are various other factors responsible for outsourcing BIM. 


Why Outsource BIM Services?

  • Concentrate on delivering the quality model
  • Minimized costs
  • Enhanced accuracy and speed
  • Streamlined operations and maintenance
  • Improved collaborations and communications

Viewing the above points, we have the clarity that sourcing the BIM services would be a wise decision. But, with so many BIM Outsourcing Companies queuing up with irresistible offers, selecting the appropriate one to execute the BIM project is also a challenging task.


Peek into the below guide listing the aspects you should evaluate prior to selecting the BIM Partner.

1) Check for their Relevant Experience in BIM

 First and foremost, the factor to look out for is adequate experience in Revit and BIM Modeling. Evaluate their past, present, and ongoing BIM projects, and browse their websites, social profiles, and other business listing sites to gather information regarding their relevant experience in BIM. Do consider the years of experience since they have adapted the technology relevant to BIM and construction and for how long the firm has been rightfully involved in the services your project requires. Cross verify their forte to check on the claims and facts from their client’s feedback. Look out for word-of-mouth references as they determine the firm’s actual caliber and are of great help while making decisions.


2) Check for their Time Frames 

 Time is one of the most critical aspects for you to consider while outsourcing your BIM services. Meeting up deadlines is crucial in construction as BIM modeling is the primary step of any building structure. Look after the modeling firms that strictly follow the timelines and own a strong record of punctuality. Check on the testimonials and google reviews to authenticate their claims for timely project delivery.


3) Check for their Costings

 Executing a successful BIM demands in-depth knowledge and effort. Quoting an appropriate price against their resource utilization and services deliverables is what you should take into consideration. Do not get swayed by the firm offering low-cost BIM outsourcing services as they might not be proficient and can compromise on the quality. Select the expertise that has a legitimate pricing strategy that matches your budget.


4) Look for the Technocrats

 Syncing well with the latest technology stack is the key to surviving the global competition. Explore the BIM companies that excel in trending technology and 

are up to date with automation as it will be less prone to manual errors and will speed up the project’s lifecycle. Staying gearhead ensures efficient designing and modeling with higher RoI. Look for the BIM partners that are tech-savvy to outrank.


5) Check for their Resources  

 The success of any firm relies on its employees. The more skilled team you have, the more your firm will flourish. Scrutinize the appropriate BIM partners based on the quality of the BIM modelers, architects, and engineers they have. Examine the resources with respect to their skillset, experience, and knowledge. Ask for the employee’s skill certifications, background check to verify the years of experience in the relevant field, client’s feedback for any of the resources, conduct a quick test to check on their BIM knowledge, and so on.  Also, check if they are proficient to deliver your project in the stipulated time frame. 


6) Check their Credibility

 It is a must to inspect the BIM company’s accreditations and certification to save your project from swindling. Look over the BIM Service Providers that are affiliated and follow the BIM standards of codes for designing and modeling. Authenticated firms are well equipped to create robust solutions for your projects eliminating the reworks and delivering accurate models. To track the credibility, look for the client endorsements and corroborates on supporting websites.


7) Cater Tailor-made and Scalable Solutions

 Your BIM outsourcing partner should serve all your project mandates as well as integrate the option for adding or modifying the modeling components for the time ahead. They should be good at shaping your vision and designing exclusive solutions for you that are scalable. They should be capable of plotting you with the best insightful modeling option.


8) Clear and Concise Communication

 The BIM partner you opt-out should follow open communication wherein you get to discuss your ideas and explore the pros and cons of the project clearly. They should be transparent in communicating their strategy to execute your project. They should be professional enough in looping you for any alterations in your modeling.



BIM has proven to be an efficient process for the construction industry. The success of your project relies completely on the BIM outsourcing partner you plump for. So, do your research thoroughly and assess each BIM company before finalizing your ideal and reliable BIM partner. Make sure your project goals are achieved with the BIM partner you have eyed on.