style dead corners

Every house speaks of their own personality. Some are modern, some are old, some are trendy, and some of them are rustic. The most common thing among all is that weird corner having two edges known as corners which are left remote and secluded often.

Architects advise not to leave them empty and unfurnished. These dead zones tend to suck the energy out of your room. Furnishing a corner and making it useful could be a difficult task. Thankfully, not impossible.

Here are the solutions that can style lifeless corners of your home and make it more functional, colorful, and live.

Maximize space:
Corners are always the voids and lifeless zones in your room. Try to transform that space into a functional area. This idea works well when you are living in a small apartment.

Here is the image with an adjourn wall used effectively in the corner with overhead open shelves. Also, a great spot for guitar practice!

Maximize space and style lifeless corner

Arrange a reading corner
Reading is one of the favorite ways people spend their spare time. It becomes more comfortable and pleasant when there is a cozy corner to sit and read. This is one of the ways you can make an awkward corner into a useful place.

Here is the image that shows a reading corner with bookshelves and a sitting place to sit and read the books.

Set your reading corner and style lifeless corner

Writing Corner
You might be dealing with numerous bills and expenses in a single day. A writing desk and a comfortable chair can make you work quietly and peacefully in the corner.

If you have a habit of writing diaries every day, the corner is the best place to sit and write without any distraction. See the below writing station with no walk through disturbances.

Setup writing corner and style lifeless corner

Children’s Corner
Kids need a separate place to learn and do their school work. You can always arrange a setup to enhance their creativity with some decorative and attractive solutions. See the image below showing the corner for kids.

Arrange Kids corner and style lifeless corners

Arranging coffee station
When you are living room is shaped asymmetrically, you can use it by installing a coffee station in the corner. This can be helpful in a case where no furniture can be fitted into the corner. By doing so, you can enjoy with family and friends without leaving the rooms.

Install Coffee Station and style lifeless corners

Display Artwork
Experiment with the artwork if you have a fireplace, mantle, bench seat or console in a corner. Use an oversized artwork or canvas print that will help fill the void that the joining of walls creates. It is good for all the renters as no need to nail in the walls.

Think well of the artwork that will be required to create balance in the room. You can always play with the scale and proportion to get the idea of how large it will be.

You can frame your artwork which will look better and expensive. If there is a large wall, arranging smaller pieces of artwork will work instead of large one.

Below is the image showing the arrangement of smaller pieces of artworks.

Display your Artwork and style lifeless corners