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Transform your CAD drawings to detailed 3D BIM models

Outsourcing your PDF/Sketch/CAD to BIM conversions made easy

The demand for visualizing a 3D model with details of a to-be-constructed building is ever increasing. This not only helps to demonstrate every aspect of the project in detail but also turns the concept into a concrete proposal. Our team of BIM modelers is versatile enough to work with all forms of drawing medium and create accurate models in Revit or ArchiCAD. Our extensive knowledge in the BIM modeling domain helps us in creating intelligent models, making efficient use of the inputs from different sources, and turning them into informative 3D models.

We are capable of BIM conversion service where we convert scanned paper sketches, precise and dimensionally accurate CAD drawings to either BIM or ArchiCAD compliant models.

Different Conversion Services Provided


PDF/ Sketch to BIM Conversion

We can convert your scanned paper sketch into reliably accurate BIM or ArchiCAD 3D models. Our team of drafters and modeling experts replicate the layout in 2D and then build the structure from the reference 2D structure into a Revit or ArchiCAD model.


2D CAD to BIM Conversion

We can convert CAD to Revit BIM models. We can convert an existing 2D drawing to a 3D BIM model according to your needs and preferred software. The BIM model can be used to present every aspect of your project in the finest detail. We use the 2d CAD for reference and reconstruct it in the BIM. From there the other design elements are created from scratch to your preferences.


SketchUp to BIM Conversion

Similar to the CAD conversion, we use the SketchUp as a reference and retrace it in Revit or ArchiCAD. While reconstructing, we can use BIM objects, any additional information to create accurate models.

Our Process

File Upload

Client uploads the required files in either CAD, Sketch, or PDF format along with the project brief

Scope of Work

Our team of expert drafters will analyze the scope of work and provide with an estimate delivery date

Production Team

The uploaded files and project brief is allocated to a production team who begin the conversion process

Quality Check & Revisions

The first draft is shared with the clients after rigorous testing and Quality Check. Any corrections are implemented before final delivery

Final Delivery

The files are delivered to the clients

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What services do you offer?

QeCAD provides Revit/ArchiCAD conversion services from any of the compatible formats such as PDF to BIM/PLN, Paper to BIM/PLN, and 2D draft to BIM.

How qualified are your team members?

QeCAD has been in the industry for the past 15+ years. We are proud to have a diverse team of drafters, modelers, and support members from different disciplines and they have varied years of experience. Some of our top management and Project managers have 20+ years of experience in the field.

What measurement system do you follow?

Our client base is spread across the world in many countries and so we work with both imperial and metric systems for the measurement.

What file formats do you provide output in?

Depending on your project needs, we provide the final delivery file in any of the following formats.:

  • .RVT and .RFA
  • PLN
  • PLA
  • IFC (Industry Foundation Classes)

Why would outsourcing to you benefit me?

The cost of Revit or ArchiCAD implementation for you will be in the form of staff time, BIM awareness and training, etc. Factoring in the cost of software and you will run into high costs that can be eliminated by choosing us. Moreover, we offer quickest turnaround time, white labeling services as well as the most cost-effective resource persons with the highest industry experience.

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