Client Profile

The client in the case is a renowned
architect based in the U.S.A.

Project Objective

The client approached QeCAD to work on the modeling of a residential
project from scratch to LOD-350 and generate a set of
construction documentation designs.

The Chellenge

The input received was in bits and pieces, which increased the amount of time spent
on the project. Also, as the received annotations were in french, it became tricky to
understand a few details with clarity even after translating them.

The model we received was just the outer shell with no interior details, even the basic
walls and openings. Owing to this, many assumptions were relied upon till the design
Development Stage.

Client Inputs

Project Output

We divided the output to be submitted in three parts:

  • 1 - Schematic Design(SD)
  • 2 - Design Development(DD)
  • 3 - Construction Documentation(CD)

Final Output: Construction Documentation 2D set along
with 3D model


option 1


option 3


option 3

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