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Get As-Built CAD Drawings as Precise as the Completed Project

As-Built Drafting Services that replicates any modifications made to the original design accurately

Many times, no matter how well-planned the designs and drawings are, some aspects need to be changed during the construction phase. These corrections are done on-site and the modifications are marked-up on the plan. With the As-built Drawing services, QeCAD experts iron out the discrepancies by making the made corrections to create accurate building plans that display the site conditions right after the installation or during erection. With the As-built drawings, our clients can compare the existing construction with the design stage building plans easily.

Our as-built drawing is great for reference when planning future renovations or maintenance and provides a great insight into the current condition of the property, highlighting any architectural, electrical, mechanical, or structural constraints. All our as-built drawings are detailed with attributes such as element name, function, size, shape, material, orientation, elevation, texture, etc.

Different As-Built Service Offered


Markups to As-Built Model

After the construction ends, any modifications made, that were not specified in the architect’s copy, are marked in red ink. We compare the redline markups on the original construction drawing and make the corrections into the final drawing.


Point cloud to CAD

Using the point cloud data that you send, we create a composite 2D CAD drawing that accurately depicts the locations of different structural elements such as elevation, floor plans, foundation layouts. Every modification is marked and labeled for easy referencing.

We also provide point cloud to BIM 3d as-built models that accurately depict the location of pipes, slabs, terrain, walls, roof planes, and vegetation in and around the building. For more information, you can refer to the As-built 3D Model services.

Our Process

Upload Files

Upload the supporting documents while placing order


Depending on the project requirements, we set up a consultation session and determine the required tools. We provide a time and cost estimation to get the ball rolling

Project Execution

Based on the provided documents, our team of experts make the necessary modifications and create a basic drawing for verifications. On approval, into CAD drawing

Quality Check & Revisions

We conduct the most stringent quality checks, compare with the original draft, & perform revisions (if needed) before we deem your project delivery-worthy

Final Delivery

The project files are sent to you

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What are the Applications of As-built drawings?

As-Built drawings have multiple applications in the different architectural, civil, and construction projects. Some of the most common use cases for as-built drawings are:

  • Remodelling Projects
  • Historical Records
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance Record

What information do you provide in an as-built drawing?

As-built Drawings need to be as detailed as possible. In most of our as-built projects, depending on the client’s request, our team includes most of the following information:

  • Recorded change in scale
  • Clear labelling and material description
  • Corrections to the sizing, materials,dimensions, or any obstructions
  • Dates of the changes made
  • Changes made based on the final inspection

What Experience You Have In as-built Drafting?

QeCAD has been the trusted CAD drafting company for many contractors & engineers. We have been in the industry for 15+ years.

What is the approximate Turnaround time for an as-built project?

The turnaround time of a project depends on the building size and number of drawings required. A two-story residential building usually takes 2-3 days

What Benefits Does As-built Drawings Provide?

When an architect designs the blueprints for a building, they make sure that it very well documented, yet on-site certain unforeseen characteristics may alter the structure. Unless the change is not reflected in the final drawing, future work may be affected. A good as-built drawing helps creates a legacy that designers, architects and contractors can refer to while making renovation, repair works, or modifications in the future.

Owing to the full history of project changes, owners can see exactly what has been built and do not have to invest heavily in learning about existing conditions.

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