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Easy Record-Keeping or Renovations with Accurate 3D As-Built BIM Drawings

Digitize and document the virtual rendition of your Building in the as-built conditions with a precisely drawn As-Built 3D Models

As-built diagrams are created in-between or on completion of the construction project and are used to document any deviations made during construction from the architect’s original drawings. These 2D documents completed construction features such as walls, doors, windows, millwork, and plumbing fixtures. These documents can be used later for any renovation, retrofitting, restoration of the building.

We can transform the existing 2D as-built documents into 3D BIM Modeling Services that provides the necessary data to visualize the as-built floor plans and any plumbing & electrical fittings. QeCAD is equipped with experienced engineers, drafters and 3D modelling who can make the work of creating 3d as-built models look like a breeze.

Our Point Cloud/ Scan services


Point Cloud to As-Built Drafting Services

In modern construction scenarios, it is mandatory to submit as-built documentation based on BIM frameworks on project completion. From the collected Point Scan data that you send, we can create a composite 3D as-built BIM documentation that can stored digitally & referred when needed.


3D As-Built Model from CAD/PDF

Provide your existing as-built diagrams in CAD or PDF format and we shall create a 3D model from the scratch with precise measurements, dimensions, elevation, textures of different elements, electrical fitting placements, etc.

Our Process

Upload Files

Send your composite point cloud or existing as-built documents along with any other files

Scope of Work

We understand the scope of work needed in the project and provide estimation

Project Execution

The project is allocated to the execution team who create the BIM model render

Quality Check & Revisions

The output BIM is quality tested and corrections are implemented

Final Delivery

The final project is delivered

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What are the Applications of As-built drawings?

As-Built drawings have multiple applications in the different architectural, civil, and construction projects. Some of the most common use cases for as-built drawings are:

  • Remodelling Projects
  • Historical Records
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Asset Management
  • Insurance Record

What information do you provide in an as-built drawing?

As-built Drawings need to be as detailed as possible. In most of our as-built projects, depending on the client’s request, our team includes most of the following information:

  • The top view of the building with all exterior and interior partitions and walls
  • Building renders from all three facets (front, sides or rear face) with complete details about the material, designs and dimensions.
  • The recorded change in scale
  • Clear labelling and description of different materials
  • Corrections to the sizing, materials,dimensions, or any obstructions
  • Dates of the changes made
  • Changes made based on the final inspection

What Kinds of Structures can be created under this service?

Any form of architectural structures listed below can be created as a 3D as-built model

  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Structures
  • Shopping Malls
  • Communication Towers
  • Wind Turbine Towers
  • Institutional Buildings
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Recreational Buildings
  • Architectural models
  • 3D parametric feature based modeling

What Benefits Does As-built Drawings Provide?

When an architect designs the blueprints for a building, they make sure that it is very well documented, yet certain unforeseen factors on-site may need alteration in the final structure. These changes should be reflected in the final drawing, else future work may be affected. A good as-built drawing will have a record of all the corrections made, the date of changes, recorded scale change that designers, architects and contractors can refer to, when making renovation, repair works, or modifications in the future.

Since the full history of project changes is documented in the final As-built Draft, the owners don’t need to invest heavily in learning about existing conditions.

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