Client Profile

Steffen specializes in the creation of FULL CGI photos, combining tradition with innovation. He offers the whole process from a single source, enabling smooth production flow and maximum cost-effectiveness throughout.

Steffen Lehrack,
Virtual Photographer
Berlin, German

Project Objective

The client approached QeCAD to produce a 3D render with Cinema 4D and Corona shading for a villa.

The Challenge

For this 3D render project, we had no information for the villa like a plan, elevation, or any size descriptions. The team had to create a 3D model and render it from the provided images.

Client Inputs

The client handed over the following inputs and specifications for the design, palette, dimensions and imagery for preparing the render.

Phase 1

First draft shared by QeCAD

Client Feedback

  • Need to add more structure and elements of imperfection to the walls.
  • Grass stalk needs to be added to the ground.
  • Realistic elements like dirt, stones, and leaves need to be added to the ground.

Phase 2

This time around, we prepared the final draft keeping the client’s suggestions of adding realistic elements in focus. This is what the final render for the villa looked like.

  • Final draft shared after receiving client feedback.

What the client has to say...

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