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3D Modeling

3D modeling is one of the most efficient ways for design visualization and analysis. 3D Modeling is an essential method which makes identifying errors a quick job and help architects make real time decisions saving a lot of time and material.Our team consists of experienced 3D modelers with extensive experience working on major 3D modeling software such as Sketchup, Revit & BIM, 3DS Max & Solidworks.

Sketchup Modeling

Our architectural Sketchup modeling services assists you in creating architectural models & product models for better visualization. Our Sketchup modelers are trained in creating 3D Models, landscape projects, spatial arrangement of objects and create visualizations that accelerates the process.

Revit & BIM Modeling

At QeCAD we provide BIM workflow that enables design modelling right from pre-construction concept stages to the final detailed construction stages. To ease out engagement within the design, engineering and construction teams and 3D BIM coordination, we at QeCAD try to reduce conflicts by creating an outstanding collaborative environment.

3DS Max Modeling

Give your idea to us and see it come to life with QeCAD’s 3DS Max Modeling service. Create stunning architectural environments and virtual reality experiences. Seen your CAD drawings of Architects into 3D Architectural models. 3DS Max Modeling is easy, provides robust modeling, gives high-end rendering, efficient 3D animation and flexible interoperability.

Solidworks Modeling

We provide complete modeling solutions for a wide spectrum of industries. Be it just prototyping or a full-fledged engineering project, our experts are here to assist you with it. Get comprehensive SolidWorks drafting to assist the design process from concept to final fabrication. Our SolidWorks modelers create quality and realistic designs in 3D CAD to help you leverage your services.

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Architectural and engineering design and plans are one of the most valuable information which needs to be preserved and CAD drafting is the solution that addresses the problem of the mounting volume of drawings and documents inside your firm. QeCAD conversion services help you to save your vital engineering and architectural drawings in digital format which could be accessed at anytime from anywhere.