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Real to life Visualization of the Exterior of your Buildings

Exterior Rendering Services that Highlight the Exterior Details of Your Project

Why imagine when you can visualize the different aspects of the exterior of your projects to the most minute details? Using the state of the art technologies along with the capabilities of our expert rendering team, QeCAD can provide a range of 3D exterior rendering services. Based on your requirements, we can create photorealistic 3D exterior visualization under a diverse range of lighting options such as Dawn, Daytime, Dusk, Summer, & Cloudy to help you during the planning, designing, and visualization stage of a project.

We specialize in providing 3D rendering services for a very competitive price and ensure on-time delivery without any rework needed. Our 3D renders do justice to all the elements in the render by highlighting the textures, foliage, structural elements such as pillars & beams as specified.

How QeCAD does Exterior Rendering Project?

Our Process


In order for smooth execution, upload the architectural plans, photographs of any decor items, foliages while placing the order. You can also share images of similar spaces for design matching

Project Execution

Our team studies the attached files and create a grayscale draft that details important camera angles

Revisions and 2nd Draft

Based on the corrections and revisions suggested, we make necessary modifications and apply the necessary material selection to the surfaces

Quality Check

The final renders are checked by our QA team and approved pre-delivery


We deliver the final product in the format you requested.

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Why create a 3D exterior rendering?

  • Easy Visualization: Exterior rendering of your project helps you demonstrate as well as get a clear idea about the look of your finished project under different lighting conditions and how different decor items look from multiple angles.
  • Easy modularity: Using the 3D exterior design, you get a better understanding of the space available and you can visualize the interaction and planning the finishes on the walls, the placements of light fixtures, ornamental or decorative pieces and other landscaping elements.
  • Faster Sale: It becomes easier for the clients to get a better look and feel of the finished building even before the work begins. This way a 3D exterior rendering can greatly increase the chances of them buying beforehand.
  • Easy Distribution: With the renders available in the digital format, you have the feasibility to share your ideas with ease. No need to lug around the hard-copies whenever meeting the clients, just send it across an email.

What pre-requisites do I send for creating a 3D exterior render?

Upload the architectural plans as scanned images, PDF, or a CAD drawing that specifies the dimensions of the structure exterior. Providing the schedule of finishes for the walls and photographs of elements such as doors, windows, light fixtures can help us create custom models. We can also include the elements from the standard library if there are no custom models to be included.

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