Paper to CAD / Hand sketch to CAD / Concept plans to CAD

In Paper to CAD, Concepts & Hand Sketches are converted into CAD Drawings to give the live effect of the design plan. Specifications given by the clients are taken into absolute consideration and we ensure that what we sketch out is just as per the plan – right until the minutest details.

Floor Plans

We prepare the top view of a building/architecture that gives clear overview of the arrangement of rooms, total area and physical arrangement of different aspects of rooms/area is the Floor Plan which enables in clarity. All aspects of how the walls, window, doors, etc. are structured and arranged is explicitly shown here. There is a definite Room Area Calculation Table that is kept in consideration when the Floor Plans are made and the entire floor area is accordingly designed.


Elevations enable to represent the view from any side of the building. Be it North, South, East or West Elevation, the crispness of the design conversion enables you to plan out the architecture planning. We design Elevations based on the plans provided by the clients and details that are considered include exterior finishes, roof details, typical details, legends etc. This enables us to plan out how your building is going to look like from all four directions.

Section Views

Cross-sectional views are of utter importance as this gives a brief idea on how the internal arrangement or section of a room will be structured. It is made from the 2D sketch that is done. It shows minutest details, dimensions, views, with customized and important information that is essential for the understanding of the internal sections.

Roof Plans

Roof plans are important as it suggestively gives idea on how the roof is going to look till the last brick. A CAD solution to Roof Plan enables you to have a preview of the building will come along. Covering the minutest details, all the dimensions and important information is easily available and we ensure that we prepare the Roof Plans accordingly so that you get a comprehensive look of how the entire roof is designed and structured.

Architectural Detailing

Architectural Detailing is important considering the design from the architect point of view and in CAD files, you can see each of these to the last measurement to have clear idea. We prepare the CAD files based on what are the main vantage points and that all the information that is required for the detailing is available. Your CADfiles will include all parts of the detailing that we conduct and derive for the building.

Construction Documents

Our Handyman readily helps you with preparing all the detailed documents based on which your complete buildings and architectures are made. Precision and clarity is our specialty and Handyman is the best one at it! Do remember that our Handyman can take care of all the types of documentation that are there. Documentation will be of ultimate help when you want to make changes mid way and that each of these come useful like Blueprints, catalogues, brochures, etc.

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