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Redline Markup Updation in Your Drawings Done Quick

Integrate all the redline markups done during redrafting or updating existing CAD files

Redline or hand markup is commonly used to mark corrections on existing architectural drawings that relate from an engineering point of view. Derived from the old practice of using a red ink pen to indicate corrections or changes in the building plan, drawings, or any other documents, redline markup is a valuable tool to coordinate the review process with other stakeholders.

The challenge with redline markup drawings is that the changes need to be made to the original document as quickly as possible to avoid any delays in the construction process. QeCAD eliminates this challenge by providing redline markup services with the quickest turnaround time. Whether you have scanned images, hard copy drawings, hand-written markups, or redline markups, we are swift to convert it into CAD or Revit and implement the changes.

Our Redline Markup Integration Services


CAD Conversion service From Sketch

Get a precise 2D or 3D version of your drawings created based on the corrections suggested by the redline. We accept hardcopy drawings or scanned copies and transform them into easily editable CAD format.


Modifications for As-Built CAD Drawings

We can also create as-built architectural drawings at the time of or after installation based on the redline corrections marked by the contractor at the time of construction.

Our Process

Upload Files

Provide us with your project files as scanned copies of drawings, hand-written markups, or redline markups in the digital format

Scope of Work

Our team studies the drawing and understands the scope of your work

Project Execution

Our conversion team turns your sketches into CAD or Revit or redraft the necessary changes to your existing file

Quality Check & Revisions

We conduct the most stringent quality checks and suggested revisions are made before delivery

Final Delivery

The project files are sent to you

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Documentation you have


What services do you offer?

QeCAD offers redline markup and CAD drafting services for all kinds of constructional or architectural drawings such as a permit set, a CD set, or an Autocad/Revit file. For hand-drawn sketches, we first convert them into a 2D CAD drafting digital file and then integrate the changes mentioned in red line.

What Experience You Have In Drafting Redline Markups?

QeCAD has been in the industry for 15+ years but our cumulative expertise is 40+ years working in different construction and architectural projects.

What is the approximate Turnaround time for a RedLine Markup Project?

The turnaround time of a project depends on the building size & number of drawings required. A two-story residential building usually takes 2-3 days.

What Formats Can You Provide in?

We can make redline corrections from hand sketches, scanned images, and provide the final output as a CAD drawing, or BIM model.

What is the difference between As-Built Drawings and RedLine Markup Drawings?

Redline markup services are applicable to any corrections suggested in design at any stage of the project. It can be a correction to the blueprint, markup while reviewing the site, or alterations made during construction. Redline markup Drawing is to coordinate the project progress with all the stakeholders.

As-built drawings, on the other hand, are corrections to the building plan that was done during installation or post completion of the project. As-Built drawings are created to have a record of the building plan that can be referred for any future maintenance, modification or restoration purposes.

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